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In 2019, companies became aware of the need to put the employee back at the center of their challenges, by promoting well-being at work, reconnecting them thanks to digital technology and preparing them for the “Future of Work”. In 2020 and over the next decade, these technological, socio-cultural and economic changes will continue. It is important to further broaden this vision of the future to begin to address a long-term labor shortage, to cope with a massive crisis of confidence and to ensure our survival in the future of work. These changes will greatly affect the way we work, offering many opportunities to human resource professionals, employees and business leaders. 

Is your organisation equipped to face these changes? How will the HR function evolve? How can you adapt HR practices to face these challenges and prepare your employees for the future of work? Find out all the answers during our European Digital HR Tour 2020.

We look forward to seeing you soon in Manchester! 




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